Mengapa Olahraga Itu Penting, Yah?

What world will be, without people that did not want to do sport? There will be no active person and what people see is a human that doing the same activities over and over again and what they got at the end of the day is nothing. So, I affirm and accept that sport is activity that student nowadays need and must do. There are three reasons why sport is very enormous for students. First, sport can help to improve healthy. Second, sport help to improve mood of student. Third, sport can help to developed students’ personality.

Firstly, people need sport to improve healthiness. Now in this era, people can see that many persons in this world are love to themselves no matter how beautiful and ugly they are. As a possible example, imagine there is a car which has not worked in few years. If people try to drive that car, it will not work anymore since it has been rusted and going to broke. As a result, people is similar with the car. If people never be active, especially never go in for sport their body can be rusted like what happen in the car that never get service in few years. Maybe some people think if they get sick, they can directly consume some medicines; however, that is not the best way. People that slot777 consume medicines are person that already rusted and broke, means that the best way people that must to do is doing sport as a preventive action.

Secondly, sport can increase peoples’ mood. It happens because when people do sport, it automatically increases peoples’ mood, so they feel better than before. For example, why people decided to play football together with their friends? This can be happening because sport is very entertaining for them. In addition, have you ever thought why people gather in stadium only to see a battle between one group fight other group. They do that because they think this activity is very fun and make refresh their mind at the same time.

Finally, sport can develop people personality. Sometimes people think that way to improve personality or leadership skills must pass by training. Actually, there is one simple step to improve personality which is just with do sport. For instance, sport like basketball is a sport that need some people as a team. In this sport, one team have to work together to make the ball enter in the rim, which are people in the team must have teamwork to achieve their goals. So, with the members’ teamwork in team, they can help each other to reach their goals. It means they must let it go their individual goal and have commitment to win together. This will be very helpful in life when encountering problems at work, at home, or in any gelanggang by team work and always care each other.